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Gifted & Talented


Gifted & Talented Students at Federal Heights

Our Vision and Mission - Advanced Academic & Gifted Services (AAGS)

  Process for GT Recommendation -  Identification & Assessment

  GT Program Framework - Programming 

  Advanced Learning Plans (ALP) Timeline and Criteria - Advanced Learning Plan

Federal Heights Elementary Gifted Talented Advocate Contact Information-

Ruth Fristo - fri025066@adams12.0rg

Gifted Talented Advocate and Digital Literacy Partner


Gifted & Talented Testing 

  • When is GT testing in my school?

NNAT Screening - Grade 2 only: In Adams 12 Five Star Schools, 2nd and 6th graders who are not already identified GT participate in the Universal Screening process for potential gifted and talented identification. Find more detailed information regarding Universal Screening in the Five Star District.  

NNAT Screening Date: September 13, 2023

Second grade students will complete the NNAT Screening assessment in their homeroom classrooms. This assessment is a nonverbal assessment (puzzles to solve), and takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. Make-up tests are completed upon the return of an absent student within a week of the screening date. 

Parent/Staff/Student GT Recommendation: All students can participate in the GT identification process by submitting a complete body of evidence. Find more detailed information regarding the GT recommendation process in the Five Star District. 

If you are interested in having your child be considered for the GT identification process, you may first wish to contact your child’s teacher.  Here is a Request Form for Nomination if you wish for your student to be included in all-school testing (CoGAT test). If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact your GT Advocate, Ruth Fristo, for specific information.

All Grades Testing Dates: November 7 and November 9, 2023

Students in K-5 who are nominated for GT testing, will complete the CoGAT assessment over two sessions on November 7 and November 9. Make-up tests are completed upon the return of an absent student within a week of the all-grades testing dates. 

Parent Consent for Gifted Testing