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Our goal in the Visual Arts is to engage our students in unique learning experiences which encourage them to be independent artists.  Who use critical thinking and problem solving skills to create art at a high level.

Our philosophy for physical education is to provide our students with the skills, knowledge and attitude necessary to enjoy a healthy and physically active lifestyle.

Music offers opportunities to develop the senses and deepen the perception of complex relationships and subtlety of expression, it engages us in critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making through the use of judgment rather than the seeking of a single correct answer, and it gives us the opportunity work as group as well as express ourselves in sound, movement, and speech.  The interpretation of musical works requires an understanding of the forms, patterns and musical language they employ, as well as the history, purpose, and culture that shaped their creation. Music is for everyone!

Music and the education of music improves the quality of life. – Paul R. Lehman

Specials Classrooms

Mrs. Neal

Subject: Music
Hi Students and Parents, let me start by telling saying I have missed seeing all of your smiling faces at FHE.  I am so excited that we will be starting our learning again remotely.  For the remainder of this week I have posted some fun activities...

Mr. Reese's Class

Subject: Physical Education
Welcome to Mr. Reese's Remote Learning Class Page General information: This is where you will find information for our new adventure into remote learning for P.E. As we move forward in the coming weeks, you will find information, resources and...

Mrs. Ronholdt's Class

Subject: Technology
Welcome to Mrs. Ronholdt's Class Remote Learning Page for Technology!   Don't forget to ask questions by clicking on the Zoom meeting during office hours.          Zoom Meeting with Mrs. Ronholt        Netsmartz      Digital...

Mr. Rosskamm's Class Page

Subject: Art
Hello students and parents. Let me start by saying how much I've truly missed seeing all of you at FHE and having the privilege of watching you develop into wonderful young artists. For the remainder of this week I am providing you with a link to...