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Federal Heights Library

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Library Hours:

The library will open every school day at 7:35am. The library will close at 2:30 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. On Wednesday we close at 1:15 for early release.

Library Policies:

Students are allowed to checkout a certain number of books based on their grade level.

  • Kindergarten - 1 book
  • 1st gade - 1 book
  • 2nd grade - 2 books
  • 3rd-5th grade - 3 books

Library Book Care Tips:

  1. Place your book in your backpack when you are at home!  This prevents them from being lost or damaged.
  2. Avoid water and food around your books.  Watch out for rain and leaky water bottles.
  3. Keep books away from babies and dogs.  Both will ruin your books.

Book Flix:  Brought to you from monies earned at the Scholastic Book Fair

BookFlix  from Scholastic is available to your child until January of 2020.  BookFlix is an online subscription of fiction and non-fiction books that the students can read or have read to them.It can be accessed through the Links Button on the Federal Heights Webpage.

Books are due 2 weeks after checkout.  Students may bring their books back into the library to renew them if the books are not on hold for someone else.  

Overdue notices are sent home monthly.  Please keep an eye out for overdue slips in backpacks.

When books are ruined or lost, students will need to find and return the book or pay for it.

Book Care Tips continued:

  1. Do not give or loan your books to friends.  Return the book to the library then your friend can check it out.
  2. Turn pages from the corners gently so the pages don't tear.
  3. Do not pick off any labels or barcodes.

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